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Make your home interiors Eco-Friendly

2021 July 23

Make your home interiors Eco-Friendly

In the recent times, people are getting more and more environmentally conscious. There is a rising demand for eco-friendly homes that leave less carbon footprint in this world. Energy efficient homes use less energy than conventional houses, which helps save the environment. We at Assist Interiors, one of the top interior designers in Bangalore, offer some tips to make a difference starting with one’s homes.

Choose Locally sourced Materials – Employ the use of locally sourced resources in home interiors. Make use of wood wherever possible as they are naturally renewable and reduce the amount of carbon released in the atmosphere. Laminate is another material that can be used for flooring purposes. They are ecologically produced, made of 80% natural products mostly consisting of wood. This makes the material sustainable and recyclable. While using the raw materials, Assist Interiors team works with the vendors that provide sustainable options to the clients.

Freshen up the home with greenery – A well-cared house plant tends to give a renewed life to any home interiors. Some of the houseplants tend to increase oxygen purification. Apart from giving numerous advantages to the environment, a houseplant also offers an ambient appeal to the house. It is better to use plants suitable to the location of the home as they require minimum maintenance. The inclusion of greenery in indoors also helps purify the interior air quality along with offering fresh visual aesthetics.

Open multi-functional spaces – Open floor plans work better at being energy efficient. They allow a more even-temperature control, creating a better environment indoors. Open spaces allow greater use of light, space, and material savings. This promotes the use of limited material resources, reducing the release of carbon footprint. When all these elements combine in a room together, it drastically saves on energy consumption, resulting in a much more efficient atmosphere. Open layouts further present the room to better ventilation. Cross-ventilation makes the house eco-friendly by removing the toxic chemicals through the natural air from the open windows.

We at Assist Interiors ensure to incorporate open-plan layouts in most of our design schemes. This helps in attaining a healthier environment indoors when coupled with the use of locally sourced and renewable resources to form clutter-free spaces.

Sustainable Outdoors – A serene outdoor garden lets the surrounding built environment breathe. An outdoor space can involve the use of similar accessories and color palettes as the indoors which ties itself up with the house interiors. One can make use of wood for the pergolas or balcony railings as they are a renewable resource and consume less energy. One can also include the use of fabrics such as organic cotton or bamboo fabrics for furniture upholstery as they are more eco-friendly & naturally available.

Infusion of LED-Lights – Saving electricity is a cause for which we all have stood for. The use of LED lighting offers the advantage of an energy-efficient home design along with efficient HVAC systems. While LEDs reduce energy costs, an efficient HVAC system can save a huge portion of energy consumption. LEDs convert 95% of the consumed energy into light and 5% into heat. This helps save the environment with comparatively less energy demand from powerhouses. There is also no compromise when it comes to using LEDs in terms of their luminous capacity as they emit the same amount of light as the traditional ones with 36 watts consumed.

Embrace Smart Home Technology – Using smart home systems allows one to monitor the home’s energy usage and make adjustments to further reduce the environmental impact. The use of smart home applications helps reduce the carbon footprint. Our designers have always ensured to keep the home interior projects well updated with smart home automation. They ensure to install solar panels and use temperature-regulating walls wherever possible. This helps in keeping the home cooler.

Going green is about celebrating nature and everything in it. Being environmentally sustainable also proves to be good economics- in one’s home and the budget. Other small ways one can make a difference is by building a small vegetable garden and using all fresh organic produce. Set up a small composting unit to compost your kitchen waste and use as manure in the garden to complete the cycle of seed to plate. Installing low-flush toilets can also further help to reduce water wastage when compared to traditional flushes that use 6 liters per flush.

Assist Interiors, one of the best interior designers of Bangalore, have always ensured to be as sustainable in their approach towards home interiors as possible. Using the above-tested methods, one can bring about a small change in their immediate surroundings by just starting from their homes.

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