Residential Projects

Interior execution is an integral part of architecture. One of the biggest arenas for designers is residential project execution, which includes independent houses, apartments, condos, and anywhere else where people reside.

Office Space

We undertake end-to-end Commercial interior design contracts in Bangalore, specialising in energy efficient designs, conceptualising with the designer, discussing space utilization and executing the exact design to reality.


We specialise in this sector of interior designing and we are proud to boast our expertise with the same. We design unique interiors for every need, vibrant designs for pubs, green open-air designs for café’s, weatherproof roof-top spaces and/or bright and subtle designs for restaurants.

Retail Space

Our skilful team excels in designing and executing Retail space, one challenging task among all other avenues of interior design, as this demands maximum utilization of space with maximum accessibility to every nook and corner without compromising the ventilation factor.

Health & Wellness

We also design and execute interior projects for clients from Health and Wellness sector. Our primary focus here is with choosing the right material and design to keep the premises dry and healthy to minimize the chances of disease/allergy transmission.

Community Space

We provide low-cost solutions to trusts or foundations who are serving the human kind working towards building a better society. Be it a religious gathering place, or a small community hall for cultural activities, we design and execute strong low-cost structures.


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